Ed's paintings are a celebration of wildlife in all forms. With a palette filled with the colors in nature, Ed paints his love and respect for the co-inhabitants of our world. With his great patience and extraordinary talent, his inner vision becomes a reality.

Working in watercolor, oil and acrylic, Ed has the luxury of using whichever of these mediums best captures the essence of his current composition. Painting subjects from all around the world like the majestic animals of Africa or the delicate birds we see all around us are sure to be featured in one of Ed's paintings.

Ed enjoys working in nature with his camera in hand. He looks for the right angles with proper lighting to capture his subject matter. Then once he has captured several reference shots he pulls them all together to begin his next creation.

Past Exhibits & Honors:

Ed was born in 1952 and currently resides in Bonita Springs, FL.